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Zelda Cosplay from Grusha is Heavenly -

Zelda Cosplay from Grusha is Heavenly –

One of Nintendo’s great strengths is the ability to reinvent itself on a regular basis, always making classic IP addresses fresh and new, creating an amazing balance between fresh and classic. Breath of the wild It is a great example. The credit also goes to the company’s artists, who have given a fresh look to lovable characters like Zelda, Princess Hyrule. In the final chapter, Zelda isn’t a character who was given too much space, but still captivated players. right Now, Grosha Carry these feelings into a new one Zelda cosplay.

As you can see from my Instagram photos below (don’t forget to scroll!), Grusha recreated Zelda and gave it her Delicate touch, With an emphasis on pastel colors. Even the ears of corn help give extra flair classic In this shot, Zelda zooms into one photo Nature deity. Finally, the light that floods the background makes this costume heavenly.

This Grusha-designed Zelda costume will also get new shots, so we can expect a lot from this cosplayer. In the past, we’ve seen Zelda in cosplay Grusha in the giraudo version.

Genre change, we recommend using Himiko Toga Cosplay by Lit. Miracle: It captures your eyes. Pepper’s Lisa cosplay was also executed to perfection. How not to like Ciri Cosplay by Likeassassin: It’s the cutest ever.

What do you think of Grusha’s Zelda Cosplay? Did the end result convince you, or do you think Breath of the Wild deserves a different kind of explanation?

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