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Zappia, Special Italy-US Link for Space Cooperation – News from Embassies


(ANSA) – Washington, Dec 16 – On the eve of the first National Space Day, the Italian Embassy in the United States hosted a virtual event called “US-Italy Cooperation in Space Exploration and Exploitation”. Department of Space. “Today space is one of the most effective engines of economic growth and innovation is important to maintain and strengthen competitiveness,” commented Ambassador Mariangela Chapia, “Italy has always been one of the world’s leading players. Complete supply chain of products and services.

The ambassador then went on to emphasize that “our connection with the United States in this field is truly remarkable, think of the International Space Station.” “Following the signing of the Artemis Agreements, Italy and the United States have strengthened bilateral and multilateral cooperation in space exploration and exploitation,” the ambassador commented.

The event was attended by Karen Feldstein, NASA’s Associate Administrator for International and Interaction Relations, and Gabriella Arigo, Director of International Relations at the Italian Space Agency, who underlined the historical significance of cooperation between Italy and the United States in the field of space. The introductory speeches were followed by a panel discussion by Jennifer Timasio, Managing Editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine, Jackie Cortes, Mary Origins Government Relations Manager, Mary Lynn Ditmer, and Marshall Smith, Executive Vice President of Axiom Government Affairs. , David Evino, Senior Vice President, Nanorax, Roberto Provera, Chief Engineer, Avio;

The importance of LEO orbit and the role of start-ups in discussing industrial strategies, technologies required for in-depth space exploration and as a catalyst for commercial aerospace operations in view of the new moon exploration program was discussed. (Handle).

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