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Zahn, Draghi: "Our country is secular, Parliament is free. There are all guarantees to respect the agreement"

Zahn, Draghi: “Our country is secular, Parliament is free. There are all guarantees to respect the agreement”

Our country is one secular state الدولة, The Parliament Always Free to discuss and legislate.” After a day of waiting, he replied in the Al . room Senate is first Mario Draghi intervened in ddl zan e The Vatican’s interference in the activities of Parliament. The Holy See has asked Italy they change The bill againstomotransphobia, which has already been approved in the room and has now stopped at Palazzo Madama, defyingArticle 2 From agreed 1984. The Prime Minister, however, wanted to remember that “our legal system contains All guarantees To comply with international obligations, including agreed. exist Preventive checks in parliamentary committees. There are subsequent checks for Constitutional Court“.

Draghi’s speech, which was predicted yesterday by the Prime Minister himself, did not reach the Senate, then camera It was all deputies silent In this regard. Which the Democratic senator alluded to instead Alessandro Alfieri, albeit without consulting the Prime Minister directly. Draghi, however, was not misled: “About discrimination. talk too much Discussion These days in SenateHe said in response to Senator Alfieri, without wanting to go into the merits of the question. Our country is one secular state الدولة, non-sectarian. Parliament always Free for discussion and legislation,” Draghi continued. The Prime Minister then cited a ruling from Constitutional Court: “Secularism” It’s not indifference For the state in relation to the religious phenomenon, is protection From pluralism Based on diversity“Government does not enter into the merits of the discussion. This is the Parliament momentDraghi concluded that this is not the time for government. “We fully acknowledge ourselves in his words,” the Democratic Party Secretary wrote shortly after on Twitter. Enrico Letta.

About Senator B. Monica Serena, a test promoter and national rights director, Draghi’s words are “very high e wisdomHe pointed out that our state is a secular state and has put Parliament and its powers at the center. He pointed out that in our system there are all the most appropriate guarantees to ensure constitutional legitimacy Of the laws and those of secularism It’s not indifference To religious sentiments, but to protect pluralism and cultural diversity,” Serena explained. Excellent intervention – he added – underscores the need Progress In parliamentary work on the Zhan bill, he served as a beacon – with secular – protection dignity of people. from the public.”And the Follow With Zhan’s bill, if there are constitutional problems and international obligations with foreign countries in the text, it will be Committees responsible for referring to it. Right has chosen not to confront but rather to make Melina on this measure,” asserts Senator B.D. Andrea Marcucci. Draghi, explains the parent company of Leu Loredana de Beatrice, “He did a very good job as he indicated that he is Parliament It is not up to the government to decide on the Zhan Bill, which is moreover a law Parliamentary initiative. Discussing the law is the task and powers of Parliament and the law, has been blocked for a long time from the Northern League In the Justice Committee, he should be immediately brought to the courtroom.” He also interfered Andrea Ostelari, Senator of the Northern League and Chairman of the Justice Committee of the Palazzo Madama: “I appreciate Draghi’s response. Certainly Italy is a secular country, but secularism, as he defined it, is the protection of pluralism and cultural diversity. Including religious sensitivities. And the actions of the Chamber of Deputies and committees that, he explained Prime Minister, her job is to do it Preventive checks It is constitutional on bills.”

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The church in the room
Before intervening in the Senate, the House of Representatives remained silent and hypocritical in the face of my biker And to the question beech vatican ddl. single Nicolas Fratoiani From Italian left In the explanations for the vote, and consequently when the Prime Minister was no longer officially authorized to respond, he requested an explanation. to me Senate The Labor group tried to hint at something, but without directly asking the prime minister: “Hopefully, with regard to recent developments, Parliament will look into it,” he said. Alessandro Alfieri He speaks on behalf of Deem. Parliament will work by listening and dialogue while respecting national and international norms, but we will be inspired by the principles of secularism. A free church in a free countryThese few words were enough to get an answer on merits from Draghi.

still Information Leaked from Palazzo Chigi and some progress From newspapers, including Corriere della Sera, they all indicated that the Prime Minister would have preferred Don’t treat the issue And that if there is anything it uses words Nate’s name, emphasizing how to “evaluate the aspects reported by a country with which we have diplomatic relations.” In the end, the Senate was intervened. Alaa camera, on the other hand, all the deputies, who are obedient (as already many times in the past), do not want to Don’t put your face on the issue, giving Draghi the opportunity to avoid exposing himself to the topic. It is a pity that only yesterday, after the almost unprecedented news of the Church’s interference in a law under discussion in Parliament, was the Prime Minister himself who announced: “Tomorrow I will be in Parliament and I will answer in an orderly manner, it is an important question“.

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In Montecitorio’s silence, the only person who spoke was Fratoiani. “Mr. President, we would have liked to have received a word from you regarding the intervention of the VaticanHe said: “And in it President Fico said some words for which I thank him. And the Vatican must point out that if it considers the Entente Agreement to be in violation, it can always be re-discussed.” The deputy specifically interfered with the voting declaration in his personal capacity, as the only exponent of Italian left in Leo. But at that point Draghi’s answer could no longer be obtained. In short, the complete absence of any position (for or against) indicates that the intervention of the Vatican had the desired effect: to silence the parties who now more than ever fear the effects of debate on their consensus.

Meanwhile, the axis promoters didn’t utter a single word in the hall Pd, M5s, Leu, Italy are alive. DM Secretary Enrico Letta, in a forumforgetHe just said that قال “My bikes are waiting”: “We will consider what the government will tell us because it has relations with the Holy See. It is not an internal issue in the Italian controversy, but rather a question of legal relations between two countries, regulated by the agreement.” But if Draghi doesn’t say anything, the deputies won’t risk any questions. The deputy spoke on behalf of the Democratic Party Andrea Di Maria He has participated in epidemics, vaccines and Europe. No reference to Zan’s bill. Even Rep. B.D., the first signatory to the text, did not speak. Alessandro Zang. The situation does not change if you look at colleagues 5 star movement, who had always given their support for the procedure, but they definitely continued to see it as Pd . Bill. And when it came to him, Angela Ianarro On behalf of the M5s, he addressed the issue of not serializing variants, but certainly not the Zan bill. Before Draghi’s speech to the Senate, The only clear word today came from the Speaker of Parliament Roberto I Five-star preacher “refused” to enter the VaticanHe said, “Parliament is sovereign.” agora On Rai3, “Parliamentarians decide independently what they want to vote. The House has already passed Zhan’s bill and it is now in the Senate, and we, as Parliament, do not accept interference. Parliament is sovereign and always will beAt the moment the chief of Palazzo Madama has not followed him Elisabetta Casellati.

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Zhan’s bill blocked in Senate Justice Committee, center-right continues to question Changes to the text and do broken. The estrangement concerns the supporting majority Mario Draghi Also for this reason, the Giallorossi Axis decided to stop and not ask for a vote Madama Palace. However, in view of the ongoing siege of Lega, Fi and Fdi and after the Church’s intervention, the Giallorossi axis (Pd, M5s, Leu and apparently also Italy alive) would be ready to force and ask the group leaders for a vote Madama Palace. To do so, a move would be required by Parliament, but as was made clear in the Montecitorio debate and in part also in the Senate, the elected representatives do not seem prepared to do so.