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Youtube shock, rain of insults


She is demanding compensation from the airline, as she is “completely stuck.” airline between two fat people.” Sydney Watson, an Australian YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of followers, complained about social Publishing photos of the offending flight with American Airlines. “I was literally stuck for three hours,” she wrote. “If you need a special seat belt because you’re too fat, you shouldn’t fly.”

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Outburst and controversy

Sidney Watson breathed on her Twitter profile, which has 327,000 followers. “This is totally unacceptable. If fat people want to be fat, that’s fine. But it’s completely different when I get stuck between you, my arms rolling over my body, for 3 hours”, the woman’s words, which sparked indignation and controversy among the followers. He added: “If I was so fat you couldn’t be on a plane, buy two seats or not fly.” The Australian explained that she asked to change place with one of the two people sitting next to her, but received a “no” to answer, so she “started screaming internally.”

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company response

The blogger said she called American Airlines after the flight, asking for compensation. The airline officially responded to the controversy on Twitter: “Our passengers are welcome of all shapes and sizes. We are sorry that you found it wrong on your journey.” An answer that did not satisfy Sidney Watson. Many comments from people who attacked her for words against other passengers: “You should be ashamed, respect.” But the YouTuber did not hold back.

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