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Youth Stars Center Youth Initiative [FOTO]

Youth Stars Center Youth Initiative [FOTO]

Gaza – Palestine facts. Qayzan Abu Rashwan is one of the most marginalized areas in the Gaza Strip. Approximately 11,000 people live in the area, most of whom live in poverty, sometimes even without most basic services.

Qizan Abu Rashwan is not connected to the electricity network. There is no sewage system and access to water cannot be guaranteed either.

There is only a poorly equipped primary school in the area, so children do not receive a proper education.

That’s why it Youth Stars Center It was launched in 2017 as a community initiative to help remedy some of these problems. In 2019 they obtained a license from the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Gaza, making them an official organization.

The center’s activities range from basic education to pupils of different age groups, to providing supplies and food to poor communities.

The center also includes a women’s section whose main objective is to combat illiteracy among women in the region.

Among the center’s activities are several entertainment and sports programs for children, including a football team, fully sponsored by the Palestinian newspaper, based in the United States. Palestine facts.

Despite the center’s successes, it still struggles against the lack of significant funding sources needed to allow volunteers to implement the various programmes.

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