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"You're good, but that mole on your face..." - Libero Quotidiano

“You’re good, but that mole on your face…” – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

Check wallpaper from the past. Currently, Katrina Palivo – One of the most famous conductors of orchestras by the public – reveals details that few know. Let’s go step by step. His career has been full of hits: “Festa Italiana”, “Detto Fatto” and “Come to me” to name a few. Now, however, he’s on top of the “Lingo-Parole on the line.” However, the former Rai presenter is very active on social networks, where she answers many questions from the audience. And at one point one of her followers asked her something about the past. She replied, “Gianna Tanzi called me and said ‘Look at Katrina, the audition went well but that mole on her face… the producer says it’s intrusive on the video… why don’t you take it off?'” “Tell him, dear Gianna,” said I, “that I’m going to be famous and they’ll recognize me by a mole!”

In short, it seems, Balivo has been eliminated from a contest Jerry Scotty In the Past, 2001-2022 Edition: More Times, Past Now and archived on TV. But why is it discarded? She says the defect could have been a mole on her neck and she would have refused to remove it. “I will tell you why I refused to write the letter. I would like to sum up: finance the dispute!”, he says again in a long conversation with followers. In recent days, it has been held up to make way for Enrico Mentana, a television marathon runner, who has conducted specials about the new government led by Giorgia Meloni. La Balivo warms up the engines. His return to the air is about to arrive and in recent weeks he hasn’t missed a warm hug to the audience via social media.

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