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Your health is in serious danger

Freezer is essential for food storage. But pay attention to how frozen meat is stored: what are the risks

Defrost Meat (Pixels)

Put the meat in the freezer Necessary for daily life. Meat, fish, sauces, as well as vegetables and legumes: once food is frozen, the food also withstands for a long time and is preserved in terms of taste, beauty and quality.

Before it is cooked and consumed, Meat must be thawed. It is very important to know how to do this, because incorrect methods can have serious consequences for your health: it is Few ground rules Which, if known, avoids unpleasant situations.

Frozen Meat And Salmonella Warning: What Not To Do At All

defrost meat
Defrost Meat (Pixabay)

The main component of meat, like almost everything we eat, is water. Precisely for this reason, food is often prey to bacteria and mold, making water its preferred environment. Since ancient times, that of food storage It is a constant struggle: its composition makes it easy prey for microorganisms. One of the techniques used in the past was drying which, in effect, deprived food of its own water, without which Microorganisms They cannot live.

Today, to store meat and other foods, we use the freezer. The ones we have at home have one Temperature -19°C: Here the chemical reactions of the food stop completely and the bacteria are blocked. However, when defrosting, you need to be extremely careful: an incorrect procedure can lead to the reproduction of bacteria and, in extreme cases, infection with salmonella. Firstly, It is good to avoid the microwave: Ice on food, in fact, does not absorb microwaves and the risk is that the food will cook in some places, because the layer of water instead absorbs microwaves completely.

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Likewise, meat and fish should be avoided get high temperature During thawing, this helps bacteria multiply. The correct methodology will be from Put the meat you want to defrost in the refrigerator, Inside a container to collect any liquids. However, a safe and great way for those who have little time is to do it Close the food in an airtight bag Remove all possible air and, once sealed, keep the bag submerged in a bowl of cold water.