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You’ll never imagine what archaeologists discovered in the basement of George Washington’s home

You’ll never imagine what archaeologists discovered in the basement of George Washington’s home

A big little treasure has been discovered on George Washington’s estate in Virginia. Its basement was an extraordinary surprise according to archaeologists

A historic home can hide many surprises, as did George Washington’s famous residence in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Recently, some archaeologists have discovered Several bottles are buried in the basement From the structure.

There are 35, 29 of them in excellent condition despite their age. Experts believe they saw the light for the first time since the American Revolution, dating back to the eighteenth century.


In short, it’s too late. But what do these bottles contain? Scientists had just discovered it and were very impressed. Inside there was fruit, especially cherries and perhaps gooseberries.

A small amount of the contents was sent to laboratories USDA Agricultural Research Service. Preliminary analyzes conducted on the samples revealed the presence of… 54 stones and 23 cherry stalks, And not only.


Wounds on the stems indicate that the fruits have been carefully selected. The type of cherry is unknown, but scientists believe that it is a sour variety and therefore preferable for preservation.

The discovery is really important. Nothing like this has ever been found before In North America, it represents a valuable testimony to the country’s history.


“We now have a wealth of artifacts and materials to analyze that can provide a powerful glimpse into our nation’s origins,” said Doug Bradburn, head of the Mount Vernon site.

It is possible that the bottles were forgotten in the cellar when George Washington left his residence. They have remained there for more than 250 years. Experts now hope they can grow cherry stones.

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Currently, the bottles are located in the archeology laboratory of the Mount Vernon complex awaiting preservation according to established procedures. This discovery comes just in time for America’s birth celebrations, which will be held in 2026.

What better gift than a great little treasure straight from the estate of its first president!

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source: Mount Vernon

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