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You will catch a cold for the next few days with strong ice creams at night. Below are the maximum and minimum expected TEMPERATURES «3B Meteo


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Too low temperatures with hard ice creams and noD: In this first decade of December marked by frequent pulsations of arctic air, temperatures were often lower than their averages for this period, especially in the north and especially in the lower values ​​of the night which recorded the first severe frosts. This Monday was no exception, seeing very low values ​​at dawn and not just on Valpadana. I touched -5 degrees Celsius in the Piedmont plain, -3 ° C in the Lombard and Emilian rivers, 0 ° C in the Veneto and Friuli rivers. Very cold even in the central valleys with a low of -2 ° C in the Chianti and Umbrian valleys. The situation will remain a little evolutionary on Tuesday For the Immaculate Conception, we will have a sharp drop in temperatures in northern Italy and a general increase in lower levels in the rest of the peninsula due to pig aeration. So let’s see the values ​​for the next few days:

Tuesday temperature: The minimum is below zero in the north and on part of the center with values ​​below the average until Campania, in other places the minimum is more or less in line with the period. On the other hand, the highs are in line with the December 1st averages or only locally and a little lower.

Wednesday temperature: a general increase in minimum nightly values ​​but a significant decrease in maximum values ​​in the north due to the arrival of snow with a maximum that may not exceed zero in different areas of Valpadana. And vice versa in the rest of the peninsula because of the south wind, the maximums will increase.

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Coming days: Temperature decrease in the center of the south on Thursday, while the maximum limits rise slightly in the north. Cold also on Friday and partly on Saturday, while there will be a general rise in temperatures on Sunday.

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