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"You inspired me"

“You inspired me”

Actress Claudia Gerini recently admitted that there was a special “inspiration” that affected her during this period. Here is what he said.

Claudia Gerini is definitely one of the most loved faces of Italian cinema and television. Blonde, blue-eyed and very cute, many will know her as Jessica, Ivano’s forced wife in Carlo Verdoni’s hit Italian film. The two gave birth to one of the most popular couples loved by the public. For his spontaneity and beauty, the translator has a special place in the hearts of Italians, and recently, his roles have been studied and chosen just for taking that extra step in his career.

We were also honored to see her in several music videos Tiromanceno. Claudia Gerini has actually been with Federico Zampaglione for years and from their union a little girl was born. However, friendship and respect remain, and the artistic union that binds them still bears witness to it even after their separation. But how does the career of the Roman translator continue and what will be his next commitments to the group? In fact, she seems to be working on something very difficult that requires very arduous study. Who inspired her and who helped her?

Claudia Gerini and her “Mother”

The Romanian actress spoke freely about herself, talking about her commitment to film projects that he recently saw as the protagonist. In one of these, feeling it especially, to give more depth to the role she had to fall into, she looked at the introduction Five in the afternoon. So Claudia Gerini seems to be inspired by Barbara D’Urso, a character who is always very specific and impressive in the context of her shows. Her poses were better than any Claudia studio session. They’re a certain duo that we’ve never had the pleasure of seeing on TV.

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However, soon, on the big screen, Jerini will be a translator “honeymoon” you will see it “The Boy and the Tiger” And in the spin-off, directed by Eduardo Leo and Massimiliano Bruno. in “Tiger’s Nest” He measured herself with a new character that she had not played in her career. In fact, she took on the role of a secular nun who is guided by a great spirituality and is involved in managing an orphanage. It was also filmed in Nepal and for the actress it was a unique and unprecedented experience.