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You have mail, Maria de Felipe amazes everyone: the mail arrives with a famous actor

You have mail, Maria de Felipe amazes everyone: the mail arrives with a famous actor

He acted in some of the most watched films of recent years in Italy. That’s what we’re talking about

Maria De Filippi is one of the most famous and appreciated TV presenters on the Italian scene. This time she really outdid herself. For one of his most successful radio shows, he chose a well-known actor. Fabulous!

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For years associated with Maurizio Costanzo. The two form one of the most popular couples on Italian television. Also because both the innovators and the forerunners of the many television and communications trends that will emerge over the years. Maurizio Costanzo is 83 years old today. The journalist who, with his “Maurizio Costanzo Show,” predicted the talk show times as we know them today. He has been married four times in his life. Many of his lovers were famous women. From journalists Lori Sammartino and Flaminia Morandi to actress Simona Izzo and presenter Marta Fluffy.

The two got married in 1994. Just a year before their fateful blessing, the two also participated in the attack in Via Fauro, near the Parioli Theatre. A work out of the mafia, from which everyone was miraculously saved.

The face of Maria de Filippi is inevitably associated with Mediaset’s growth. Silvio Berlusconi’s networks watched him and still see him go crazy today, with increasingly successful programmes. It all started with “Friends”. Today’s leading talent show. Maria de Felipe saw in advance that young people needed to be trusted to introduce them to the world of entertainment.

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But how can you forget “men and women”It remains to this day one of the most watched programs of Italian afternoons. A little fiddling sometimes. But Maria de Felipe, as an intelligent woman, always managed everything with great irony. Sitting there, on one of the studio steps, her microphone frozen in her hand.

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“Amici” and “Uomini e donne”, two old shows that are still popular, have in fact been anticipating for several years what talent shows and reality shows will be like. Especially with an artistic and emotional background. And then, “You have mail.” Sometimes funny, sometimes very touching program. Maria was able to reunite even lovers and relatives who now seemed lost.

This time, however, Maria de Felipe really outdid herself. Do you think a historical postman in broadcasting has a past as an actor even in very important films? We are talking about Marcello Mordino, a face that fans of the program know well.

Marcello Mordino (web source) 29.12.2022 pontilenews
Marcelo Mordino (

In fact, the good Marcello He has a past as an actor, mainly in the films Ficarra and Picone, the Sicilian duo that makes us laugh out loud. In fact, we remember him inborn tired” and “summer time”, Two of the most successful films are Ficarra and Picone.