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You have it in your car but you don’t know what it is: Your driving life will change from today

Getting to know your vehicle better is essential. It allows you to move around the city in the best possible way, avoiding accidents and reducing stress. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of the functionality of every part of your vehicle. For example, in almost every car there is a function that many do not know and use very often.

When driving, it is good to have a clear picture of everything that is happening on the road. Whether it’s at the front, rear, or sides of the car, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes on everything. Fortunately in cars There is a function that allows you to reduce blind spots.

The presence of the side mirrors and the rear view mirror of the car is necessary for correct control of the road. These are convex mirrors, Capable of providing a wider field of view for those who drive.

Cars often use convex mirrors. They are actually able to give a comprehensive picture of what is happening on the street. This is due to its shape that is curved outward and is able to capture more detail. So it’s no surprise that this efficient type of mirror is the preferred choice for cars.

The rearview mirror also follows the same principle. So they are able to allow the driver to see behind their car, monitor traffic and possibly identify dangerous situations. So it’s good to know that this mirror is maneuverable, ensuring a more accurate view of the road.

This is how the rearview mirror works

Not many know that the rearview mirror can be moved comfortably with a small lever located just under the mirror. This is not a small trick, because it allows you to expand the visual space with a simple movement.

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Cars are actually designed to allow anyone who drives to have control over everything they need to drive. That’s why the mirror is equipped with a small lever for better maneuverability. With the right hand, it is actually possible to move it around, ensuring a better view.

It is also a small precaution to use at night. In the dark, it is possible for the headlights of another car to bounce off the mirror. This causes an annoying glow, which can be simply by turning the lever. This changes the angle and the mirror surface will reflect the headlights toward each other. A movement of a few seconds is able to remove glare from the eyes.