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"You don't have to try to inculcate your idea, it doesn't matter"

“You don’t have to try to inculcate your idea, it doesn’t matter”

The confrontation between David and Mirjana on the triangle Alex, Solai and Delia.

Mirjana Trevisan can’t stand Sully Sorge And don’t miss an opportunity to attack and criticize her big brother vip. Annoyed showgirl behavior David Silvestriwho advised her Accept the opinions of others without trying to impose your own.

David Silvestri’s advice to Mirjana Trevisan

after collision with Biagio Danieli In this regard Alex SunAnd mirjana sought confrontation with david Continuing to reiterate his thoughts on the behavior of the Italian-American influencer at Casa del big brother vip After disqualification of the representative: “I don’t believe in this victim.”.

after listening to it Trevisan explosionSilvestri gave her some advice, which she does not try to convince others that her way of interpreting the situation is the right one: “Views are based on experience, preferences and connections. Some things are not objective. […] You don’t have to try to implant your idea, otherwise you won’t complete it anymore.”.

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“Sometimes we talk here but not because you really want to tell your thoughts about what happened. I used to make someone else feel what you think. […] You don’t need to give your opinion, because it doesn’t matter. Interested in having their say. Listen and make your own reviews” he added David “The most important thing is to listen, and here few are able to do that.”.

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