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"You didn't understand anything about Putin."  What really lies ahead - Libero Quotidiano

“You didn’t understand anything about Putin.” What really lies ahead – Libero Quotidiano

On the battlefield Russia In the past few hours he achieved an important victory, occupying the city Lyschanskthe last Ukrainian stronghold in Lugansk in the east of the country. Volodymyr Zelensky He sadly confirmed the withdrawal of troops, though he assured that his men would fight to retake the land. Starting from taking Lysychansk writer Nikolai Lilin He gave a broader speech in his speech the air that pullsin La7.

It started – our real problem as Westerners We could not read and understand the messages that came from the east, and we understood nothing of the warnings Vladimir put it in It was actually launched in 2007, when he gave the first speech in which his concerns surfaced. When the leader of a country like Russia, which has enormous resources, armed and atomic forces, explains that he is concerned about a series of issues and that if he is not listened to, he will have his own way, we must act and revitalize diplomacy. ”

there “Rush to the Kremlin” However, there was no such thing: “It was necessary to ensure that Russia would remain stable as a trading and international partner. Our short-sightedness and inability to understand the messages coming from Russia led us to the impudent awakening of February 24, in which Putin suddenly became the bad guy, the new Hitler ” .

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