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"You Didn't Tell Me", who filmed it on Live TV - Libero Quotidiano

“You Didn’t Tell Me”, who filmed it on Live TV – Libero Quotidiano

Lily Gruber Trapped. Even a well-known host half past eight At La7 he ended up in a gossip whirlpool, complete with pictures burnt in the newspapers. It happened on November 7, 1992 during the broadcast of Catherine PlumberAnd Seraglio. At the time, Gruber, who worked at Tg1, found herself talking about some of her topless shots, while bathing in her parents’ villa in Sardinia, which ended up on the cover of the weekly. Novella 2000. For those photos, the reporter unleashed her lawyer.

Plumber didn’t miss the opportunity to invite Gruber on her November 1992 broadcast, a few weeks after those photos were published, which inevitably caused the conversation to erupt on this very topic. In doing so he unleashed the wrath of Gruber, who said: “You didn’t tell me that was the point.”. A video of this part of the program has been retrieved from Watch tv.

Lily Gruber in Harem, watch the video here

When asked by Spak, Gruber first asked with some annoyance to anyone Reservation Request, then explained that those photos were taken while she was at her parents’ house and that she would have liked to live in a country a little more civilized, where the law protects the privacy of the home and the sanctity of the home. Then he harassed the host, accusing her of not telling her that this would be the theme of the evening.

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