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“You can’t break gear ions into everything. Know that if you wake me up at 4 for a burger, I…” – Webmagazine24


at night in the house Gf VIP There was a difficult confrontation between Eduardo Donnamaria And the Antonella Fiordelici, with the Roman boy sprinting towards the model, tired of her attitude. You’ll start a fight because the girl woke him up at the age of four to make a hamburger.

Here are some harsh words from the forum’s face:

You must have the humility to understand that you are not in a position to cut prostitution. If you’ve been angry all day, let’s clear it up, and you see me weird, and you go on, you put the burden on him, you don’t understand what I told you“.

Antonella He tried to defend himself:You are unable to put yourself in my shoes, to understand the tension, you exaggerate a little, you are nervous about the whole context in the house”.

at that point Edward He replied: “Then make an important decision for your future. Know that if you wake me up at 4 for a burger, I won’t. If that’s enough for you to argue or quit, let me know. So don’t break gear ions, you can’t break gear ions for everything, if you see a video where I hug someone or if I don’t give you half a burger“.

Then the two boys continued arguing, with some giveny trying to get them to think.

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