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You can earn $5 in the US thanks to Amazon Carrier via Alexa

You can earn $5 in the US thanks to Amazon Carrier via Alexa

I’m not alone Updates for Amazon products In this December 2022 novelties. In fact, well-known e-commerce has launched a venture that is overlooked, meaning potential Thank couriers and make them earn via Alexa.

More precisely, you can read Amazon Official BlogIn the US, users who own a device with voice assistant support, be it an Echo or Echo Show, or who decide to use the Alexa/Amazon shopping apps, can use the command “.Thanks to Alexa, my driver“To thank the couriers.

All will be available from 7 December 2022 and you can learn more about the initiative in a special video released. Amazon News YouTube Channel. What happens if a customer decides to thank the courier? After using above command “Thanks to Alexa, my driver”, the carrier that delivered the most recent package will be notified and paid $5 extra (This is for every thanks, apparently users don’t have to pay extra).

Amazon says it will Thanks to the first million received in the United States, the top five couriers will be awarded $20,000 (of which $10,000 will be donated to a charity of their choice) based on the number of “thank yous” received during the initiative. In short, the e-commerce company has launched a campaign for US couriers during the Christmas period. For the rest, the issue of Amazon couriers holds ground on several fronts, it points out TechCrunch.

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