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Yes to restaurants indoors with a dose, in the gym and disco will serve retrieval

Yes to restaurants indoors with a dose, in the gym and disco will serve retrieval

with 38 milliongreen lane“Already loaded even for district chiefs it’s hard to get in the way. Traffic requirement will start to be introduced from Monday, for all indoor activities. So, block last minute ideas, even for those who want access to indoor bars and restaurants. It won’t be necessary When coffee is taken on the counter or taken on the outside table, but the arrangement paves the way for the gradual use of the aisle which could also be expanded in the coming weeks.

The control room meeting will be held late in the morning and in the afternoon the Cabinet will issue the new ordinance which will contain, in addition to the standards for the use of the corridor, the new standards for the four regions. . “It is important that we decide to give weight to hospital treatment, not infection,” explains Under Secretary of Health Andrea Costa, who has been fighting for the standards to be revised for some time. By decree, the Rt index is sent to the attic and the parameters that take into account the admission of hospitals to intensive care and other departments are entered. However, there is still no complete agreement between the regions and the government on this point. The latter, through Minister Roberto Speranza, suggested that in order to release the yellow zone, it is necessary to exceed 5% of hospitalizations for resuscitation and 10% in regular wards. The regions, through Congress President Massimiliano Fedriga, are working to raise the percentages to 20 and 30%. Mediation is likely to be eventually found at a threshold that provides 10% resuscitation occupancy and 15% for normal wards. A parameter will also be given regarding the buffers that each region will have to implement in order to keep track of any differences.

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green laneWhen will it be downloadable?

However, the differences in views of the majority are above all. The green certificate has been issued so far even after the first dose. This is no longer the case in many regions, and as of tomorrow the card will not be downloaded until after the vaccination is complete, which is now done with a very short interval (21 days) compared to a few weeks ago.
However, those who have already obtained the pass, despite having only taken one dose, will be able to show it to go to the indoor restaurant or disco. The QR Code can be very important if the yellow zone is triggered, which will lead to further restrictions on the circulation of non-vulnerable people. The differentiated use of the corridor according to the color and expansion from the month of September for some activities that can only continue to be carried out if the corridor is owned, is likely to be clarified today at the end of the cabinet and represents the strongest deterrent to the payment of vaccination for those who may be forced to choose between entering the closure once others or get vaccinated.

Today, it will be up to Mario Draghi to complete the assembly initiated by Under Secretary Garofoli and overcome persistent divisions within the executive branch. Lega leader Salvini, although his regional chiefs are very supportive of introducing restrictions on non-vaccinators, remains opposed to the pass unlike the FI. “The green lane It is working to stimulate vaccinations and avoid potential new closures”, says Regional Affairs Minister Maria Stella Gilmini, who confirms that the delta variant is “very contagious”. However, the government intends to intervene immediately to avoid facing the nightmare of new lockdowns. It is clear that numbers Injuries are increasing.In just one week, go from 1,534 to 4,259 even if the national average for an intensive care job is 2% with regional percentages seeing Calabria, Tuscany, Sicily and Liguria (3%) at the fore, followed by Campania and Emilia Romania and Apulia (2%).

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As early as next week to sit indoors in bars and restaurants, a permit may be necessary, which in the future will only be obtained with the second dose, or negative swab. No obligation to have coffee at the table but two doses to hit the gym or disco or take long-distance trains, planes and ships. With entry routes to schools and stadiums postponed to a new decree, standards for access to local public transport will also be discussed later. It will also discuss later “the need for the third dose for the most vulnerable groups,” recalls Undersecretary Celeri.

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