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Xbox Series X original releases confirmed |  S, but not for PS5 -

Xbox Series X original releases confirmed | S, but not for PS5 –

record Persona 3 Portable And the Persona 4 Golden they will own original versions for Xbox Series X | s In addition to the Xbox One. It looks like PS5 players will have to use the PS4 versions via backwards compatibility.

Atlus confirmed original versions of Xbox Series X | S for Gematsu editors, who later shared the news on Twitter. one for PS5, which at this point appears to be unplanned. For further investigation, we noticed that even official site Atlus includes Xbox Series X logos | S, Xbox One, and PS4 for Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, but not PS5.

At the moment it is not clear which of them Differences There will be between Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions | S of the two games or if PS5 players are penalized for not having an original console release. To know for sure, we just have to wait for official communications from Atlus in the coming weeks or technical analyzes once the two games are available.

In this regard, we remind you that Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are scheduled to be released January 19, 2023 Also on Nintendo Switch and PC. The two games will also be included in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass catalog.

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