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WWE: Big E made a promise, would he be able to keep it by cashing in the bag? – spoiler

eve episode raw Tonight I promised to be fireworks, with match validity for the title WWE between Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton expected regarding Strict rules And advertising on social media the afternoon before big, out of finally wanting to make money in the case against the WWE Champion. Tonight’s expectations were respected and we witnessed a great conclusion to Raw.

Great start…

The episode opened with Big E in the ring who wanted to confirm his intentions to the audience, Randy Orton and puzzle And the hero of Bobby Lashley with best player. Each tried to put psychological pressure on the other, Orton admitted that he wanted to anticipate the title match in order to surprise the champion, told MVP Big E that he might have escaped from a slam out of fear of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. member New Day He wanted to confirm his intent to cash in the bag, while Lashley promised to kick everyone else before cashing in at RKO Outta-nohere.

…a big end!

Over the course of the evening, Big E tried to annoy his opponents several times, undermining their focus until reaching the main event. It was a very tough title fight, with excitement spreading in and out of the ring, taking advantage of the barricades in particular. The spear wasn’t enough for Lashley to shut out the match completely as Orton with RKO was unable to close due to MVP interference, after such a distraction that Lashley scored with another Spear and won the meeting. After the match The Almighty decided to get angry at Riddle and Orton, Snake crashed into the commentary table but in the process Lashley injured his leg and it was the time to move on to collecting Big E. The episode hardly limp, but the start of the match was in his favour until he got a spear on Big E. E which, however, only equaled a count of 2, and used up the last remaining energy, Lashley couldn’t do anything against Big E that ended up giving us a new WWE Champion! They immediately rushed to the ring Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods To celebrate this historic victory that ended the episode of Raw.

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