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Wrecked cars and burning garbage cans

Wrecked cars and burning garbage cans

And this year, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri’s edict against barrels has done very little against fireworks, and fireworks from one part of Rome to another say goodbye to 2022 and say hello to 2023. And there have been many interventions by firefighters this year. Fires caused by barrels or Chinese lanterns as they are called are another common year-end custom that can have very serious consequences.

Dozens of cars were destroyed in the fire

For example, in Torre Spaccata, firefighters intervened to put out a car fire that broke out through Rugandino in the middle of the night. It is not yet clear what caused it, but the flames engulfed several cars and spread very high, completely destroying them.

Another car caught fire and wrecked through the Seren, Trieste area, residents called 112 to report a firework that exploded in the street at around midnight.

The balance of the fire in a garage via Pietro Tomei at Cinecittà is very intense. Here 15 cars were completely destroyed and 14 were damaged, in this case most probably by a petard or a firecracker. At the scene, in addition to the firemen, the Carabinieri of the Alessandrina station and the company Cascina.

It was the turn of two vans parked on the street in Nomentana: here a fire caused by a firecracker had spread to another car parked nearby. The same situation via della Stazione Prenestina, in this case three cars caught fire.

Illegal barrels and dumpster fires

There were dozens of reports of tanks catching fire: several interventions in Torrevecchia, where street celebrations quickly broke up, and then in Trastevere. In Piazza San Cosimato, carabinieri and firefighters intervened around midnight on fire at two rubbish bins, with a scooter parked next to them. Another fire in the Gianicolo area, where plants in Piazza San Pietro in Montorio almost caught fire after a “barrel” exploded.

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At Villa Gordiani, on the other hand, tragedy struck near a fire in an awning on the terrace of an apartment. In short, no part of the city was spared “home pyrotechnic displays,” fireworks and firecrackers set off from balconies, terraces and gardens, despite an ordinance banning their use until January 6.