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Working four days a week with the same salary: the experience begins in Portugal

Working four days a week with the same salary: the experience begins in Portugal

Less work for equal pay: Four working days a weekIt could soon become a reality in Portugal. tomorrow The government will present a pilot project to the Permanent Council for Social Consultations. The goal is to achieve Reduced working hours without wage cuts. And without the state putting a hand in his wallet: the public in this case will only perform advisory functions, while everyone The private sector will bear the financial part. Corporate membership will be free and revocable. Plan availability Six months trial period, which will be implemented mainly next year. This will be followed by a final evaluation period of up to 2024.

The concept of social development

According to local newspapers, the condition for extending the project to the public sector is that the trial period will lead to “social evolutionMoreover, when state funds are operational, it will be necessary to “adjust the tools of assessment and impact” taking into account “legal and budgetary nuances”. It is not the only country that, after the pandemic, has tried to overturn the traditional approach to work. Before Portugal, the experience of the week for 4 days has started In the United kingdom. In June 2022 and beyond 3300 its employees 70 companies The British began the probationary period. Which is based on the 100:80:100 model. This means: 100% from salary to 80% of needed transformations, versus a commitment to maintain productivity 100%. Again, results will be visible after 6 months.

Other experiences

Joe O’ConnorCEO of the non-profit group 4 days a global weekAnd the hung“As we emerge from the pandemic, more and more companies are realizing that the new frontier of competition is quality of life, and that part-time, production-focused work is the way to give them a competitive advantage.” Ed Siegel“The 20th century concept of a five-day work week is no longer appropriate for 21st century business,” said the managing director of Charity Bank (one of the UK’s early adopters). We firmly believe that four days a week without changes in salary or benefits will create a happier workforce and will have a similar positive impact on business productivity, customer experience and our social mission.”

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