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Work, the "quiet take off" philosophy is spreading among young people: work, but not too much

Work, the “quiet take off” philosophy is spreading among young people: work, but not too much

phenomenon –

It is also gaining ground in super-productive countries such as

United States and China

where it is called

“Mo Yu”

This is the philosophy

“touch the fish”

. The recipe is to prioritize mental health over work stress

Putting life first

which is most often left to expend all your energy and “work”.

For young people, so far, putting all their efforts into work is not paying off

: Getting results and promotions is now complicated and not necessarily worth it. The blame for this “change of direction” lies with Covid which, on the one hand, has taken away the joy of social contact, on the other hand, has put us before the reality of our existence, short and fragile, forcing us to experience the benefits of smart work. The generation we are talking about is the young generation in their 20s who are freely expressing themselves through the digital world under the banner of TikTok and hashtags. And who, frankly, despite those who think it’s an “excuse” for not feeling so tired, say they refuse, or at least don’t want to take the world of work seriously.

Studies –

Gallup produced a study titled “

The State of the Global Workplaces Report 2022

“, showing that only 21% of employees really participate in their duties, and only 33% consider themselves to be in a state of growth and well-being. 44% feel stressed, which is an all-time record, and most of them do not believe that their job has a deep purpose or Deep meaning In countries like Great Britain, the situation is critical: 9% of workers consider themselves motivated.

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