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Won't be back in the App Store, maybe for several years -

Won’t be back in the App Store, maybe for several years –

An apple mentioned that Fortnite will not be allowed to return to the App Store Until the legal battle with Epic Games is complete, which could take up to five years. That’s what Tim Sweeney, president of Epic Games said.

Via Twitter, Sweeney said: “apple lies. Apple has spent a year telling the world, the court, and the press that they would welcome Epic Games back to the App Store if they agreed to play under the same rules as everyone else. Epic has agreed, and Apple has now rejected it, abusing its monopoly power over a billion users.”

Sweeney then showed an email sent to Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing, explaining that Epic had promised to follow court rules and claiming to have paid a $6 million fine. The president of Epic Games also says: “Apple informed Epic last night that Fortnite will be rolled out into a single game The blacklist in the Apple ecosystem Until all appeals are completed, which could take up to five years.”

Remember, Epic Games was able to win part of the case: Apple will no longer be able to prevent developers from introducing links or buttons to third-party payment systems. But at the same time, Epic Games lost out from every other point of view. Company guilty of voluntarily breaching agreements with Apple, had to pay a fine, and failed to summon Apple monopoly. Epic has appealed and it will take some time to complete the appeal. Until then, Fortnite will not be returning to the App Store.

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