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Women’s National Team: Italy-USA teams advance to semifinals


The three-day international volleyball match between China and Japan was won by the Japanese 0-3 (21-25; 21-25; 22-25) in Thailand. The Brazil-Thailand match will be held at 3.30 pm Italian time. All Italian matches will be broadcast live on the global platform DAZN. Streaming on VBTV.

Words by Paula Egonu –

« Playing a defeated team again forces us to focus on our team’s game and predict what they will do in the match. In short, we have to find a way to adapt to their countermeasures. Every year the teams are more or less the same: we know which ones can give us trouble and others not to be underestimated. But in general I’m very happy with our progress because I think it’s important to focus on our way on the pitch by doing everything we can to get into more synergy to perform at our best. I think we need to get used to playing together more fully. Compared to the new systems introduced by Velasco, we can be more connected to what each of us is doing in our own team. We need time, practice sessions and competitions to find continuity and consistency in our programs. From a personal perspective, no athlete can define his potential as 100%. I’m happy with the trajectory and the work we’re doing as a team and individually, and I hope to be ready for the big moments ».

Words by Marina Lubyan –

« Let’s face USA again, on the one hand it can be counterproductive because you start with expectations based on the last match won.. We are professionals who are used to playing these types of matches knowing that this will be a tough and different match compared to the one we played and won in Fukuoka, so all that’s left is to play with a lot of energy. These finals represent great training: we had two main objectives starting in the summer, after achieving the first goal and qualifying for the Olympics, we are now playing these finals knowing that these competitions will help us in preparation and team development. Little by little we are seeing growth in the team and finding our fit. We are in our third week together and although we have known each other for some time, I believe we are just now starting to see the fruits of the work done so far. I have known my classmates for many years and I must say that it is always a pleasure to play together with all of them. ».

14 Girls in Blue for the Bangkok Finals

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Setters: Carlotta Combi, Alessia Orro.

Crush: Alice Degradi, Caterina Posetti, Gaia Giovannini, Miriam Silla.

Central: Marina Lupien, Anna Tanesi (Captain), Sara Bonifacio, Sara Furr.

Opposite: Paola Egonu, Ekaterina Antropova.

Free: Monica Di Gennaro, Ilaria Spirito.

Trainer: Julio Velasco

2pm in the US

Setters: 1. Micha Hancock, 7. Lauren Carlini.

Crushers: 3. Avery Skinner, 10. Jordan Larson, 23. Kelsey Robinson-Cook, 29. Kalia Lanier.

Central: 14. Anna Stevenson-Hall, 15. Hallie Washington, 16. Dana Redke, 24. Siaka Ogboku.

Opposite: 11. Andrea Drews, 12. Jordan Thompson.

Free: 4. Justin Wong-Orandes, 6. Morgan Hentz.

Trainer: King Karch.

Examples are Italy-USA-

35 wins, 46 losses, 81 matches played

Calendar Finals-

China-Japan 0-3 (21-25; 21-25; 22-25)

Brazil-Thailand – June 20 at 3.30pm Italian time

Italy-USA – 21 June at 12.00 Italian time

Poland-Turkey – 21 June at 3.30pm Italian time


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