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"Women no longer give birth because they drink": the shocking verdict of Polish leader Kaczynski

“Women no longer give birth because they drink”: the shocking verdict of Polish leader Kaczynski

“If we move on to young women who drink as much as men up to the age of 25, there will be no more children.” It’s stormy in Poland because of the words of the former president Jaroslav Kaczynskiwho led the country from 2006 to 2007 and was the founder oflaw and justice”, the far-right party that has been in power continuously since 2015. Kaczynski dealt with it Salvini In 2019 the electoral agreement with which a leader was made league He wanted to “redesign” the face of Europe. After the election, the groupidentity and democracyIn the European Parliament.

During an interview with Polska Agencja Prasowathe Polish news agency, the former Polish president explained that a man can drink for him twenty years before he became addicted to alcohol. For women, in his view, two would be enough. Kaczyński . phrases raised bitter controversy In the Polish media, immediate reaction political opponents. The left has already stated that it will appeal to the Parliament’s Ethics Committee.

While Włodzimierz CzarzastyAnd the The leader of the opposition party said two days ago: “The demographic problem is not the fault of young women, and the fault is the absence of social policies Official.” Several personalities intervened on social networks, among them Anna LewandowskaBarcelona player’s wife Robert LundowskiPoliticians who really piss me off unfair accusations For women instead of looking at the real problems. As a woman and a mother, I have been moved by the recent statements.”

She added, “My biggest dream was to be a mother. Unfortunately, like other women, I also suffered from a miscarriage. Stress, health or hormonal problems cause problems. We do not judge women who often fight in silence in every way and means to see the two required lines on a pregnancy test.” This post has been widely shared Instagram He has won the support of various representatives of civil society.

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