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"With this money I do the shopping"

“With this money I do the shopping”

Twenty-seven years ago she was one of the heroes It’s not my opinion but now Ellaria Galassi He has a whole other life. Today at the age of 46 after having to close the hair salon he ran with a friend due to a pandemic in the Parioli district of Rome, the former star of the cult program in the 1990s has made Acting To a 90-year-old woman, Ausilia, she is learning a lot from her. “It changed my life,” she herself told Fanpage.

Ilaria Galassi, former mistress of Non è la Rai: ‘I miss TV, illness has changed my life’

Ilaria Galassi, Life After This Isn’t Ray

Before deciding to close the hair salon, since the rent was too high, a client suggested Ilaria di Take care of his 90-year-old mother, Oselia. Ellaria, who sent her autobiography everywhere at the same time, decided to accept: “I do it because that’s what I’ve always done with my grandmother, but I don’t even want to be paid.” Thus, Ilaria does not take a salary from Ausilia, but only occasionally a few gifts: “And with this money I do my shopping. But it’s not like I’m going there because I get paid. Now only my partner is working. We have to pay the rent. We arrive at the end of the month really tight, tight, tight.”

Ilaria Galassi, Non è la Rai’s ex-girlfriend, crying: ‘Brain aneurysm changed my life’

Special relationship with Oselia

An affair with the 90-year-old girl with whom Glassy cares so much: “First, I give her pills in the morning, otherwise she forgets. I wash her legs, open wounds often, disinfect them, apply cream and bandages. After that, I take her to the bathroom, wash her, and if she wants That I wax her face, and she eats breakfast, and sits, and we talk about everything and more. He tells me his story. I do these little things to her, I cuddle with her. She’s pretty as hell. He’s 90 but he never looks.” And she, who was a seamstress and ran four Children, giving her valuable advice in return: “The main thing you taught me is to save food. Nothing gets thrown away. You always have to reinvent a new meal when you have leftovers. Then do things calmly. He always told me, ‘Don’t worry, If you don’t do it today, you will do it tomorrow, don’t worry. Enjoy life day by day.” It gives me peace. Life today is hectic, we often think about money and she says to me: “Look, there was no money even in my time. There was only my husband’s salary, who wasn’t earning much, but we had a good time.” To me, it feels like a treat to go for it. When he sees I’m soaked in pranks he asks me, “What’s wrong?” And I breathe with her. He always sees the positive side. in matters.”

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And Ellaria could no longer do without those advice: ‘Since I’ve been here, she has recovered. She threw herself a lot, because she lost one of the sisters with whom she lived in cohabitation. I will not be there in August, because I will be visiting my mother. She is already terrified, but I reassure her that I will return to her in September: “Don’t worry, I won’t give up on you” ».

career in show

However, the former not La Rai continues to cast his eye on the entertainment world but so far the tests haven’t gone well. The last one on the famous island left Ilaria with a bitter taste in his mouth. In the end they told me: “You have many qualities, but you do not know how to sell.” I think they meant that I don’t know how to sell myself in auditions. Maybe it was flat, it was like I was frozen. I got a little angry and said that if I had to sell myself I would do it for my children, if they had no food or no roof over their heads. To make an island famous seems like a really bad thing to me. Thank you and goodbye.”