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With the reduction of the number of parliamentarians, savings of nearly 60 million

With the reduction of the number of parliamentarians, savings of nearly 60 million

With the election of the presidents of the Senate and House of Representatives, the nineteenth legislature took off: the first parliament with lower scores compared to the traditional structure. As is known, as a result of the much desired constitutional reform by the M5S, the number of deputies decreased from 630 to 400 and the number of senators from 315 to 200 (excluding “lifetime” appointees). Curing the slimming that has caused problems for the parties in the formation of electoral lists, due to the shrinking of the available “boxes”, as well as to the functioning of the districts themselves, as the unknown factor of full “usability” struggles, to be verified, by the standing and bicameral committees which It will be formed in the coming days.

But the reduction in the number of parliamentarians also proved to be a panacea for the coffers of Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama: the “reduction” allowed the two branches of Parliament to save nearly 60 million.

Biggest home savings: 38.4 million

In the House alone, the reduction in the number of deputies will reduce the expenditure of parliamentary allowances to be paid to individual “ladies” to about 50 million as against the 79 million spent in the “630” scheme (to save about 28.8 million). The cost of daily allowances for MPs is also declining, decreasing from 26.4 to 16.8 million. With a Montecitorio account lightening result of about 38.4 million, down from 105.3 million to just under 67.

And also the budget of Palazzo Madama must be found, for the same reasons, with a saving of more than 19 million and without suffering the additional costs of adapting the room to the small number of existing senators. Indeed, at Palazzo Madama only steps were taken to “freeze” the positions of the higher and more extreme rows on the sides, leaving the desks intact.

In Montecitorio, on the other hand, the remodeling was not at all without cost, with works to adapt the classroom to the economy of only 2,000 euros. New digital billboards will cost something more, allowing you to view voting results and also display videos of MPs’ speeches during debates. In the first sessions of the Chamber President’s election, the bicycle actually reverted to the original design envisioned by the Ernesto Basile-designed project that did not include the final 82-seat row at the top, then acquired in the following years.