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With energy income, costs are zeroed

As we all know, the sharp rise in the cost of electricity and gas has put Italian families in serious trouble.

There is a lot families Those unable to pay for utilities and who now cannot afford even the simplest expenses.

Mario Draghi

The real emergency that government Needs a dam. The Draghi government has interfered with some in increasing the bills The rewards, however, had a very limited effect.

Social rewards had very little effect

But as we shall see power input It could be a more effective response to this nasty emergency. Remember that the social reward on bills initially went to cover 4 million families Italian.

In fact, the social reward was given to all families who had ISEE within 8000 euros. Later, the social reward for coverage was increased 5.2 million families That is, all those who have an ISEE in the range of 12,000 euros. But despite these government interventions, there are far too many families who cannot pay their bills. Suffice it to say that 4 million families are currently unable to pay Services of light and gas. The energy income idea proposed by 5 Stars fits precisely in this sense.

How does energy income work

energy income was Already accepted by the government It is a procedure aimed at installing solar panels on the roofs or balconies of houses low income In a way that makes the energy bill completely zero. Install these solar panels Entirely borne by the state. In fact, a special one was created lower To be able to finance this procedure. Concrete implementation of energy revenue is a little easy slow. In fact, there have been parliamentary questions about it.

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Procedure for clearing the electricity bill

But once the procedure is fully operational, it is effectively considered low-income families They will be able to get the solar panels at no cost and thus eliminate the electricity bill. Certainly a useful metric for many. Energy input is not intended as a metric temporary To meet the emergency but as a far-sighted measure to allow Update The country has a real evolution towards sustainability for the benefit of those in economic hardship. In fact, the purchase and installation costs borne entirely by the state will only allow those who are more into it difficulty to take advantage of it.