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“With Daniel Lobo we intend to create. At 34 I am still at a high level” - OA Sport

“With Daniel Lobo we intend to create. At 34 I am still at a high level” – OA Sport

I have restarted from Brazil The search for the Olympic qualifiers in light of Paris 2024 from Alex Rangeri, the new partner of Daniel Lobo, with whom he already played his first tournament in Itapema in November, It will take fourth place, which bodes well for the future. The Friulian beach volleyball player, already blue at Rio 2016, doesn’t want to hear about “the last train to pass” or, a more appropriate expression for his activity, “last resort”. “I’m the driver, I’ve always driven the train – announces the player from Friuli – Whether in moments of joy or in times of darkness and you are still behind the wheel, today with some other possibilities“.

He knew how to wait and he did Received the call from Daniele Lobo After a summer that was not easy, but full of interesting events, such as Olympics commentary on Discovery+, In it he showed particularly distinguished oratory skills, or walked on the sand side by side with a talented boy like Marco Veskovic, and then the silver of the U-21 World Cup with Gianluca Dal Corso, in what could become his king future profession.I would like to make my 34-year-old experience accessible to young people who want to take a serious trek in the sand. The world is full of players who are a little older and taking under their wings men who are eager to appear I hope I helped Marco grow and fly with his wings“.

Now he’s back in the saddle and doesn’t want to get off anymore, Alex Rangeri. “When news came out that I would be playing alongside Daniele Lobo, I was thrilled to receive the encouragement of half the world of international beach volleyball. – Says – Means to leave an imprint, from the states to Brazil, from Russia to Asia. We start over, even if I don’t actually stop, if not because of physical problems. I continued to work hard, train, and keep fit because I know my worth and I knew I would have other possibilities sooner or later. With Danielle, honestly, I would never have thought. He and Paolo were one of them and it seemed they were going to go on but that wasn’t the case and we were driving our moving train. It’s a project that has yet to be fixed. For now, two friends are giving us a helping hand, Dionisio Liquagli and Fusco Sikola, But we have not yet decided our technical path. Things can be done well even without the support of the Federation, which has made its highly respected choices. I was excluded from the Federal project when I was shot in the shoulder, forced to skip London but never gave up: I went to play indoors to continue my dream, then back to the blue, hmm My partner went to see me in the States, to ask Adrian Carambula to come with me to look for the Rio games. Then I broke my knee but I didn’t lose faith In myself and here I am stronger than adversity and the determination of those who have a purpose in life. I want to play beach volleyball, at a high level, for a long time to come“.

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At Itapema, in mid-November, Rangiri and Lobo made their debut as a pair in the last 4-star tournament in beach volleyball history, finishing with a fourth fan position but not entirely satisfying the Friuli. “In Brazil we saw two strong people, we saw excellent opportunities, but we weren’t a team and it was frankly hard to think otherwise because we only trained for two weeks together. We understand that We can be on the field pretty well together, That we can get a great deal of satisfaction, even if it sure is There was still a bit of bitterness in the mouth for the last two points of the two semi-final sets, which cost us entry to the final that was within our reach.“.

A season full of unknowns is about to begin for Ranghieri and Lupo. “Right now, the top 16 tournaments are punishing us for the pair. There will be challenging tournaments. For now, the only thing I can say is that Danielle and I will be training hardThe train has left and the new couple is driving.