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With a move Casaleggio displaced Conte: the data is thus placed

With a move Casaleggio displaced Conte: the data is thus placed

Conflict between David Casaleggio Giuseppe Conte In subscriber data. A few days ago the leader of the 5 star movement expressed himself very harshly, declaring that he was ready to appeal to the Privacy Guarantee if Rousseau decided not to follow the line pointed out by Kirillini: “By law he is obliged to provide data on the members of the movement, which is the sole and legitimate owner“.But the association Rousseau He thinks the opposite: he believes it is illegal to provide members’ data under these conditions. If the data of M5S members, other than the legal representative of the movement, is disclosed to third parties, “Violation of the Privacy Code, which involves illegal contact and dissemination of personal data subject to large-scale processing, is punishable by imprisonment.“.

For exactly this reason it is not considered possible to contact the list of members of the 5 Star Movement. “To a new political force with a different relationship with another Law And a different logo, the members of the movement did not, in fact, openly and intentionally declare that they wished to abide by“Paradoxically, Rousseau points out,”All the data of the members of the movement is like interacting with different political things like Italy Viva or Democratic Party or League“In recent weeks, there have been numerous communications from subscribers who say they are concerned and are wary of contacting people who do not have the right to manage their data:”Of course, we want to reassure them. Every step, even if requested, will strictly abide by the law and the wishes of the members“.

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“Pay off your debts”

Rousseau reiterated that he was waiting. “The public promised to pay off the debts“For now, we’re limiting ourselves.”Notice on social networks“. The reason why the employees of the association are Dismissals. In addition, the responsibility for managing subscriber data and processing the latter includes significant costs on Rousseau’s shoulders. “Those who believe that they are the leadership team of the movement have decided to no longer pay for services that are still required by law, and continue to provide at our expense, with deeper responsibility.“.

“M5S has no political leader”

This post underscores how the 5 star movement dates the association. “It has no constitutional representative or a person to manage and / or represent the movement“In other words.”It has no political leader“There is a specific reason on the ground: according to Rousseau, the amendments to the law do not include an interim provision to retain the image of a political leader (or another legitimate person) until it is established. The steering committee.”In addition to this structural deficit in the legal amendment, the Guarantee Committee has decided not to follow the decision of the members, failing to open the candidates for the steering committee required to vote.“, Reads the note.