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Weekend con ciclone invernale sull

Winter cyclone worse than expected, rain and snow Saturday-Sunday L

Extraordinary Edition Weather Weekend: Winter Cyclone Worse Than Expected, Rain and Snow Saturday-Sunday

Weekend with winter hurricane in ItalyWeekend map Weekend map In this extraordinary special edition Weekend We will tell you about Winter hurricane will soon hit Italy and fall hard on it Means to have Worse than expected over the next few days: It will be very cold everywhere, but a part of the country will be affected by heavy and heavy rains, and suddenly the snow will return to very low altitudes.
In short, a significant amount of event, especially considering the fact that we are now at the end of February.

There is great excitement in Northern Europe, and they will come from there Snowstorm In the direction of Italy, wrapped in a real one
Winter hurricane.
The first signs of change will actually be noticed in its course Friday 24, First degeneration affecting the Northeast and then gradually the center. But the worst phase will occur along with the first part Weekend Opens with a Saturday Classified Very cool breeze from Bora and Greece It will initially feed the expected Northern European vortex in the Mediterranean and upper Tyrrhenian seas, but then move rapidly toward the south.

Where we find out Bad times? There will definitely be a lot of monitoring CenterBut especially Adriatic pageWhere, in addition to the shower, there will be even room Plenty of snowAlso, especially in the Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo mountains, low elevation, low hilly, average around 3/500 meters.
Rapid deterioration is also expected in the southSome rainfall is unavoidable, especially in the peninsula and northern parts of Sicily. Even in the southern regions, snow is expected at mountainous altitudes.
That would be a great piece of country to enjoy Yes, a calm weather, but severely disturbed by very cold winds: we are talking about the North and Tuscany. Also be careful, because in the early morning the lower part of Romagna can be affected by the remaining hints of instability, with some snowfall up to hilly heights.

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The cold vortex will continue in the course of its southward journey Sunday 26: The weather will be more unstable In the regions Middle and lower Adriatic And above most South, In winter style environment, with Rain And Snowfall In reliefs up to low altitudes, the intensity of events will decrease within hours.
Instead a sparkling wine will follow Nice weather in the north And in the Tyrrhenian sections of the center, the sky will be without clouds throughout the holiday. A message will come again in these areas TemperatureMay return to values ​​below zero, especially at night and in the interior of the north and center.