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Winter break!  A super anticyclone is brewing.  We tell you when it will arrive in Italy and how long it will last

Winter break! A super anticyclone is brewing. We tell you when it will arrive in Italy and how long it will last

A paradoxical phase is coming in Western Europe, including Italy

Stop in winter. After the last few weeks of cold and miserable weather, a super anticyclone is preparing to completely change the weather conditions in Italy next weekend.

A broad high pressure field will dominate the scene over much of central western Europe (with partly marine and partly African contributions) This, along with the warm air aloft, prevents any Atlantic disturbance or upheaval from the cold air descending from the North Pole.
The most notable anomaly concerns the sector temperature: It is usually one of the coldest periods of the year, rather, deviations from the climate average +10°C Especially the British Isles, France, Germany and part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. This mild phase will come to Italy and especially Unseasonal heat will be felt in the hilly areas and the Mid-South: In cities like Florence, Rome and Naples, the maximum temperature ranges between 14-15 degrees Celsius.

Be careful though: strong nighttime temperature inversions can develop, especially in the Po Valley and Alpine Valley sites. Sub-zero temperatures and snow formation with Possible formation Misty Shores.

Finally, it is worth underlining a truly insidious and dangerous phenomenon for our health. Several days of no ventilation would be beneficial Contamination of pollutants After all, due to high pressure, the lower layers of the atmosphere must be “crushed”. environmental parameters Frequently Too badwith serious consequences for our health (respiratory diseases, etc.).

Strengthening Anticyclone: ​​Lack of rainfall and temperature above climatological average
At the very least The atmosphere will be blocked from December 20-21 Due to the persistence of this anticyclonic figure; In short, winter takes a break, usually during the coldest periods of the year… Continued climate change Also in Italy with increasingly direct effects.

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