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Wine tourism Airbnb chooses the most famous winelands

Wine tourism Airbnb chooses the most famous winelands

While the World Ecotourism Forum in Alba has just ended for the first time in Italy, which was promoted and organized by the World Tourism Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, ENIT, Piedmont Region, visit Piedmont, visit Langhe Roero Monferrato and the municipality of Alba, the gateway Short-term rentals, chart the ranking of the most popular destinations in Europe for those who travel to buy wine.

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Wine tourism: booking boom

after entering Category “vineyards” By Airbnb last May – 120,000 homes in or near vineyards around the world, more than 4,000 of them in Italy – marks a boom in searches and bookings. This is confirmed by data from Airbnb: Italian hosts in the respective category, for example, recorded a total gain of 10 million euros. A fact that puts our country this year in Top 10 in Europeafter Spain but before the historical great power of wine, France, with Ben Two Italian regions are among the distinguished: The Tuscanythird place on the continent in terms of income generated with around €2,600 in revenue on average per host, and veneto In ninth place with about 2,400 euros.

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Wine tourism regions: Spain, France and Italy dominate

Here are the top 10 locations in Europe based on total AirBnb hosts earnings in the vineyard category. Primarily coastal vineyards Balearic Islands, Spain. In second place is again Spain, with vineyards and art cellars in Catalonia.

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there Tuscanywith the big red, is the third and fourth Andalus With the great wine of the south of the Iberian Peninsula. And again France, ProvenceAnd the AquitaineAnd the burgundyand other Iberian islands Canary IslandsItalian vineyards on the hillsides veneto. The list closes homes overlooking vineyards in the French region rune.

Wine Tourism: Best Italian Wine Destinations

Staying in Italy, the single best destinations for wine tourism connoisseurs and lovers are found in Tuscany and Veneto, in the classic regions of Chianti And the most visible Lake GardaIt took first place in the ranking of 30 cities by the total revenue of “Families with Vineyards”. Follow Umbria Surprisingly, Campania, with two locations on the Amalfi Coast among the ten most popular in Italy. always there Tuscany record More nights booked in Italy (43410 from April to June 2022, almost double compared to 2021).

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Italian wine tourism: the best villages and routes

Finally, as for the individual spots that made these areas to the top of the rankings, here’s what nights are booked Saint Gimignano And the Griff in Chianti, also in Tuscany, in first place. they follow BardolinoAnd the Montepulcianogrape vines garda And the Lazise. still OrvietoTwo pearls from the Amalfi Coast – Vitry sul Marie and Maiori – And again Tuscany, with Montalcino And Brunello.

Here in our gallery all the DOVE ratings, places, wines, and ideas for enjoying great wine spots.

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