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Winds, and soon gusts of up to 100 km / h, storm surges and even Aqua Alta. Affected areas »

Weather: winds, gusts quickly reach 100 km / h, storms, as well as Aqua Alta. Affected areas

Strong winds coming between Sicily and CalabriaAutumn raises its voice. During next week In fact, the outbreak of a powerful Atlantic depression will not only bring torrential rains but also Strong winds from Scirocco and Libeccio With giveaways up 100 km/h and storm surge along the coasts. In short, after Medican changed everything again and this time almost all of Italy will be involved.

Let’s evaluate the situation for a better understanding of the filesExpected development And the regions most in Danger.

Weather conditions are expected in It’s getting worse by the day Monday 1 November due to entering a Low pressure of atlantic origin. Thus, the currents will also assume cyclonic circulation around the minimum depression that will be established in northern Italy. That’s why we expect Very powerful gusts of the Scirocco reach 100 km / h on sectors Adriatic: maximum interest especially on the coasts of Romania and between Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Where the sea is very rough or even rough at times with local storms. Strong Mistral winds, even with a speed of more than 70 km / h, tend to afflict Sardinia, while their turn will be Libeccio On the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea between Lazio, Tuscany and Liguria de Levante

These adverse conditions will continue in particular At least until Tuesday 2 With the currents you will mostly dispose of from the southern quadrants in a large part of our seas.

Strong winds blowing in ItalyStrong winds blowing in Italy

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