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Windows 11, so everything is automatic: Here’s how to fix the problem that’s driving users crazy

Windows 11, so everything is automatic: Here’s how to fix the problem that’s driving users crazy

Automatic installation of Windows 11 is an effective solution to solve problems related to the complexity of the standard procedure.

Access Windows 11 It introduced many new features, many of which were not enthusiastically received by users. Among the aspects that receive the most criticism is Install the operating system itselfWhich seems to have become a business Particularly complex to complete. In particular, the final phase of installation, known as off-the-shelf product experience (OOBE), has become complex and time-consuming.

Installing Windows 11 can get particularly complicated (YouTube Windows image) –

Many users expressed their frustration with the overly complicated installation procedure, especially because Many questions and options must be selected manually. After the company realized the problem, it offered its users a solution to automate this stage, allowing them to configure Windows 11 without human intervention.

The complexity of the Windows 11 OOBE phase is largely due to the introduction of many additional steps. This includes setting up Microsoft accounts, promoting services like OneDrive and Microsoft 365, and other settings that may be annoying to the user. The good news is that it exists One way to avoid these long procedures: automatic installation.

Automatic installation of Windows 11: the perfect solution

The automatic installation of Windows 11, also known as Windows 11 Unattended (in Italian, “unattended installation”), allows you to Configure the operating system without user intervention. This is possible thanks to the configuration file called autounattend.xml, which contains all installation preferences. With this file, Windows 11 installs following the default instructions, eliminating the need to manually answer each question.

The autounattend.xml file is necessary for the automatic installation of Windows 11. It can be created manually or created using online tools like Unattend Generator. This configuration file defines all the settings necessary for installation, such as language, translation, account information, and other preferences.

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Windows can be what you want if you install it this way
You can install Windows without a wizard –

To use the autounattend.xml file, you need: Copy it to the folder containing the Windows 11 setup.exe file. This can be done on installation media created using programs such as Rufus. Once the file is copied to the correct directory, Windows 11 installation will continue automatically according to the instructions in the file.

You can also integrate autounattend.xml file into Windows 11 ISO image. Using software like AnyBurn, you can modify the ISO file to include the autounattend.xml file in the same directory as setup.exe. This allows you to create a new ready ISO file For automatic installationwhich further simplifies the process.

Installing Windows 11 automatically offers many benefits. First of all, Saves time Which eliminates the need to manually answer a long series of questions. Furthermore, it allows you to avoid Microsoft ad promotions during the OOBE phase, making the installation experience smoother and less intrusive.