Saturday, July 20, 2024

Will Palworld come to Nintendo Switch? Looks like the Pocketpair team leader is reporting bad news


Considering all the diatribe that arose with the release In the world And its similarity to Pokémon, the idea that the game could also appear Nintendo Switch It stimulates curiosity in a certain way, but it seems that the CEO of the Pocketpair team You don’t have any good news In this regard, considering it a difficult process.

This will have nothing to do with any problems he poses Similarity with Pokemonwhich could appear more clearly on the platform the series in question is on, but with potential technical issues in the transfer process, according to reports.

This is just a brief mention of the problem, contained in an interview with Game File with Takuro Mizube, CEO of PocketpairBut it’s important for those who may be waiting for Palworld to arrive on Nintendo Switch.

A difficult process for the team

“Port on Nintendo Switch It may be difficult, for technical reasons“Mizobi ​​said in the interview.

This may also have something to do with the small size of the Pocketpair team, an independent studio working on the game in Early Access, and thus still involved in building Palworld itself on PC and Xbox.

However, the team has not ruled out expansions for other platforms, and recently seemed to suggest that Palworld might come to PS5, but the Nintendo Switch could remain out of the plans at least for the initial period.

As announced during Summer Game Fest, Palworld is about to get a major update on PC and Xbox, and it’s expected to arrive in June 27so we’ll talk about it again soon.

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