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Why was Dr Disrespect kicked from Twitch? The former employee makes a very serious accusation


man ‘Dr. Disrespectful“Beahm is a popular streamer who has been active on Twitch for years, until he earned… Final ban in 2020. Neither Dr Disrespect or Twitch have given a real reason for what happened.

However, very specific accusations have now surfaced online from a former Twitch employee, who explained that the streaming device was discovered in Sending messages of a sexual nature to a minor Via private messages on Twitch.

Dr. Disrespect’s accusations and response

the The source of the accusation It’s Cody Conners, who writes on Twitter: “He was banned because he was caught sexting with an underage person on Twitch Whispers. He was trying to meet that person at TwitchCon. The relevant authorities were able to read the text. Case closed. Gang.”

clearly Disrespecting the doctor is a negative All kinds of accusations, saying: “Jake, seriously… I get it, it’s a hot topic, but the matter was resolved, no wrongdoing was found, and they paid the contract in full.”

As always, we have no way of knowing who is right, whether the source is telling the truth, and whether Dr. Disrespect’s words are a fair representation of what happened. Some users on Twitter point out that “no wrongdoing was admitted” is too different from “no illegal activity occurred” and that this makes the streamer look guilty.

But there are various other sources that give strength to the former Twitch employee’s statement, such as the celebrity Leaky Rod Breslau Who said in 2020 that he knew what happened behind the scenes with Dr Disrespect but he didn’t want to say it because it was too serious and he didn’t feel comfortable. Now, the leaker says ‘I didn’t lie’: Given the timing, many have linked the whole thing to a case of ‘Doctor Disrespect’.

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Zach DiazAnother Twitch employee said instead: “Glad the truth is finally out.” As for why the information is only circulating now, some say it is related to the fact that a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) was signed for a few years and it is now legally possible to find out what happened.

The relationship between Dr.Direspect and Twitch is complex and also forbidden to be named. In fact, Dr Disrespect has hosted a tournament in the past, but streamers couldn’t nominate him or risk being banned.

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