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Why does time flow in only one direction?

Why does time flow in only one direction?

Entropy has something to do with it, but not only that. That is why we feel that the arrow of time is always pointing towards the future.

Time flows in only one direction due to a basic principle in physics known as… Second law of thermodynamics. This law states that in a closed system, entropy, a measure of disorder, always tends to increase. This increase in entropy gives it a directional “arrow” that moves from the past to the future.

Entropy can be understood by observing how natural processes tend to evolve toward a larger state disturbance. For example, if you break a cup, the pieces will scatter chaotically and will not automatically return to their original shape. Likewise, heat automatically flows from a hot body to a cold body, But the opposite does not happen Without external interference. These examples illustrate how entropy tends to increase, creating a preferential direction for the flow of time.

Professor Amedeo Balbi explained

Another concept to take into consideration is the relativity of time introduced by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity. Although the theory of relativity shows that it can flow at different speeds depending on speed and gravity, it does not change direction Unidirectional. In all physical systems, time always flows forward, from the past to the future.

Furthermore, cosmology suggests that the universe itself had a beginning, known as the Big Bang, which marked the beginning of time. Since then, the universe has expanded and evolved toward more complex and chaotic states, in keeping with the second law of thermodynamics. This cosmic process provides greater context for the arrow of time.

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In other words, time flows in only one direction due primarily to the second law of thermodynamics, which imposes a constant increase in entropy. This principle, along with the theories of relativity and cosmology, asserts that time has a preferential direction moving from the past to the future, making its flow unidirectional and irreversible.

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