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“Why didn’t he leave?”: The axis that could blow the government away

“Why didn’t he leave?”: The axis that could blow the government away

In recent weeks, the tears of the majority have become increasingly strong, and these are having a significant impact Recovery plan. Marco Antonellis Su Italy today He revealed some background to the approval of Brussels’ plan, which seems to be strictly linked to the climate of reconciliation within the political forces that make up the government. Mario Draghi He gave a great voice on the phone, probably the “I guarantee” he gave to Ursula van der Leyn will go down in history, but his word must follow the facts, i.e. proxy laws and bills that crystallize reforms. Everything must be done by the end of the year. Only in this way can Italy hold the European 222 billion euros until 2026.

However, to achieve this conclusion it is clear that all majority parties must find the square of the circle of cooperation. At this time, as Marco Antonellis also pointed out, this climate does not exist. Over the past few hours, tensions at the tip have intensified further Curfew, Against which the League has begun a collection of signatures to ask for its total abolition. An action viewed with suspicion, it was an action initiated by Conte, but confirmed by Mario Draghi.

This move by Matteo Salvini has warmed the hearts of the majority. The 5 star movement, the Democrats and Liu seem to have no shortage of opportunity to complain about the league. “Why should they not leave the majority and go to protest with the Italian brethren?“, Will be heard again and again in the corridors and in the rooms of the palaces. Enrico Letta, Nicola Gingerbread And Giuseppe Conte. All three called on Matteo Salvini to withdraw from the majority, as a direct attack would certainly not help the most delicate historical moment that could compromise the path of the recovery plan.

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How Mario Draghi underscores himself during his speech by Marco Antonellis Photo tool The presentation of the plan has issued a strong warning to the parties. Prime in the room. “Delays, incompetence, and short-sightedness of the area placed before the common good will weigh heavily on our lives and especially on the weak, our children and grandchildren, and there will not be much time to fix them.The Prime Minister said, “Strong words, clearly intended for the parties, to remind them of their responsibility to the government.”