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Whoever does this work will not have to pay for it

Whoever does this work will not have to pay for it

The RAI fee is definitely a mandatory payment that many Italians would like to avoid. There is at least one category of workers who are actually exempt and may not pay for it

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during the 2022 We will continue to pay the license fee to RAI as usual and will continue to pay it through law Project of electricity all year round, waiting for our country to adapt to treaty In the contest you signed and removed from your bills.

For now, it remains to be understood how we will pay Fee When tax is removed from invoices and someone suggests resubmitting the postal invoices that have arrived Homepage. Definitely put it in the electric bill many cunning Those who don’t pay him are out in the open. But let’s see which one Category to Workers You don’t have to worry about paying it either on the bill or any handouts.

RAI 2022 fee, this category is exempt

RAI 2022 fee waiver
RAI 2022 (Adobe Photo) license fee

As mentioned earlier, the RAI fee is a tax that Italians don’t really like. Probably because he thinks it serves a pay wages From those who work for RAI or to fund programs that nobody sees. But in reality, the fees are meant to fund all the jobs they deal with Infrastructure Streaming, so even those who don’t watch RAI but watch other channels or other platforms benefit from something that is also funded through licensing fees.

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After we have clarified the real purpose of this tax, we come to it Category of workers who, as also described in Instructions from the site it is in They may not pay at least part of the RAI 2022 license fee: Whoever deals with it sold or TV repair So use these devices for you the job. Therefore, the monthly fee will not be included in your business invoice.

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The Standard reference For this exemption from paying fees by a decision of the same Central Regulation and Litigation Department of the Revenue Agency and specifically No. 2003/79447 dated July 29, 2003. For all the others, we are waiting to see how it will change next year to collect this tax. The Other Categories Ambassadors and members of the armed forces as well as those over the age of 75 with an income of up to 8 thousand euros per year are also exempted from paying fees.