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Who was driving the car - Libero Quotidiano

Who was driving the car – Libero Quotidiano

Movie? No, the real quest is breathtaking. As mentioned ilGazzettinoFirst, a Spanish police helicopter Dgt Pegasus intercepted and then blocked one Porsche 911 humming by 285 km/h on the A-6 At kilo 60, near Segovia, Spain. The Spanish authorities immediately notified a traffic police patrol not far from the car, which sped unimpeded. After a quick chase, the car was stopped after Arevalo, Avila. To stop the driver, a helicopter was needed because in fact the car was launched like a real missile at full speed and showed no signs of stopping. The speed encountered by the police is so high that it is not covered by the rules of the Spanish Highway Code. Indeed, according to Spanish regulations, driving on an intercity road at a speed of more than 80 km / h from the established limit is considered a violation, as this may cause harm to road safety. Here, however, the limit 80 km/h more. The driver, an Irish national, was stopped and did not resist. Maybe he wanted to test his new car. In fact, he ended up in a movie scene: helicopters and flying cars on the road chasing the fugitive.

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