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Who is excluded, the candidates and the summary of the thirteenth episode

Who is excluded, the candidates and the summary of the thirteenth episode

The thirteenth episode of Famous Island has been confirmed to be as hot as host Elari Blasey had predicted. To activate the program clashes between the two factions, which led to Threats of serious conspiracy. Another idea that encouraged the evening of Channel Five was the landing on Playa Renova by Beatrice, formerly Roger, who finally managed to The face of Estefania and the model.

The outcome of the TV interview: Who has been eliminated?

Between the accusations and the following, the landlady announces the result of the telecast to the untouchables. For Blind People Collision, Carmen and Estefania. It is exactly the form who has to leave Palapa and go straight to Playa Sgamada.

Not before making his final nomination and giving Judas’ personal kiss to Nicola, who is known to be a fake and double agent.

Another TV broadcast stimulates the evening. This time three women from Playa Sagamada collide: Lori del Santo, Ilona Staller and Lycia Nunez. One of them will finally have to say goodbye to her comrades to return to Italy, while the most voted outcasts will finally be able to return to Playa Renovada and thus continue their journey on the island. It’s time to judge, but… Not without slip. Lory is the most voted outcast and can finally make it to Palapa and join her lover Marco. One between Ilona and Licia, they have a deep friendship, who will have to leave the island once and for all. Elari makes the final verdict: It is Ilona who must leave Honduras and return to Italy.

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Le Nomination: the increasingly separate group

Like every week on Celebrity Island, it’s time for nominations to take place in secret mode. Also this time, as in the final episode, the castings of Outcasts follow the increasingly powerful alignments and enmities between the two factions.

Kucaracha’s ex makes the name Laura compact. Those who were once from the Tiburon family vote for Nick. Even Lori del Santo just landed in Playa Renovada, at the suggestion of her boyfriend Marco Cocolo, she chose to name the musician.

It was she who, endorsing the dynamics of the group led by the Russo couple, became the head of the scales by sending a candidate nick. Together with him Nicholas Vaporidis, kissed by Judas Estefania. The candidate chosen by the new leader, Carmen Di Pietro, is missing. The girl makes her choice falls on Clemente Russo.

So Nick, Nicholas and Clemente are the nominees of the week. who will win?