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Who is entitled to a bonus of 200 euros?

Disability pension recipients are also eligible for the €200 bonus, as required by the final text of Decree No. 50 of May 17, 2022, also known as the Aid and Energy Ordinance. Let’s see together what is expected for this category of beneficiaries.

according to the provisions of Aid and Energy Decreeeven those who realize disability pension In 2022 they are entitled to €200 bonusprovided that a Requirements it is necessary.

Initially, the benefit was only intended Social Security Pensionershowever, published the final text of Decree-Law No. 50 of May 17, 2022she has Expanded audience subordinate €200 bonus.

Disability Pensions 2022: Who can benefit from the €200 bonus

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The €200 bonus It’s a one-time contribution to expect Aid and Energy Decree who aims to WorkersAnd retired And unemployed Presentation ISEE less than 35 thousand euros.

between retired beneficiaries of disability pensionlike most bonus recipients will receive the amount owed for July.

Specifically, the €200 bonus It is up to the owners Pension or allowance for the civilian disabled, blind, deaf and dumb personsas required byArticle 32 of the relevant decree.

Required requirements

Money 1033647_1920First of all, in order to take advantage of €200 bonus You must have Income less than 35 thousand euros. The latter is calculated taking into account all taxable income of Irpef received in the tax period from January 1 to December 31, 2021, after deducting Social Security and Welfare contributions, and with the exception of:

  • Termination indemnities, however specific;
  • dwelling income;
  • Fee arrears are subject to separate taxes.
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In addition, to be eligible for the bonus, you must have a disability pension Valid by June 30, 2022; Therefore, for those processors as of July 2022, disbursement of the contribution is not envisaged.