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Who is behind the new FC Chiasso operation?

Who is behind the new FC Chiasso operation?

Who is behind the new FC Chiasso operation? A complex institutional structure, probably set up at the end of 2022, which employs British secretaries.

The new ownership of the Kiasu Football Club is called “American Sport Asset Company”. In fact, with a note released today, Russuble Club He formalized a bailout by a consortium of investors. According to the press release, the London-based company has acquired a majority stake in FC Chiasso 2005 SA. He explained that the main objectives include “reorganizing the club, developing the association with the city of Chiasso and internationalizing the club”. A presentation meeting for company representatives has been announced over the next few days.

But who is behind the new Kiasso process? It is difficult to reach the head of the corporate structure that acquired the club. The only relief comes from the English CR; The American Sports Asset Company, with a capital of £10 million, was registered in the United Kingdom on December 30th. It is owned by three companies, which were also born on the same day. 80% of the capital is in the hands of New York City Sports Investment Partners Ltd., attributed to a 53-year-old American named America Buzz. The 10% belongs instead to the “International Sponsorship Group”, which refers to 82-year-old Spaniard Ruben Chapisone. The last 10% is attributed to “Sport Management Advisors international”, the only company associated with Ticino; In fact, Marcello Ronchitti, a 55-year-old partner in the Lugano trust company, appears as a manager in the recording.

A complex corporate structure may have been set up in the final days of 2022 for the FC Chiasso operation which uses British secretaries (not just for correspondence), making tracing the money trail more difficult. Meanwhile, the team trained at Riva IV today, but our on-site cameras couldn’t catch a glimpse of anyone associated with the new property. Team general manager Nicolas Pinotti postponed it until the next press conference. For new details on the project, all that remains is to wait.

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