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Who is Antonio Pezzolato, the "Caterpillar" who bronzed in weightlifting makes up for bullying

Who is Antonio Pezzolato, the “Caterpillar” who bronzed in weightlifting makes up for bullying

The last attempt at the momentum did not. 210 kilograms to be lifted was too much for him today. Elbow bent and so Antonino Pezzolato of Salaparrota, in the heart of the Peles Hills, He won the bronze, not the gold, in the 81kg category. China’s Liu Xiajoun won the title, a perfect forged machine for the sport. The silver was taken by the Dominican Zacharias Bonat.

Who is Antonio Pezzolato? Also known as Antonino or Nino, he is part of Team Italia’s expedition to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Together with the Italian Weightlifting Federation, he traveled to Japan for important satisfaction. Nino was born in Castelvetrano on August 20, 1996. His height is 174 cm against a weight of 81 kg. His first club was ASD Dynamo Club Bagheria and he competes with sports group Fiamme Oro. He comes from Salaparota, a small town in Peles District. Twice on the roof of Europe: first in 2019, and then this year, he’s earned an appearance in Moscow, complete with an Italian record. There is also She won world bronze in the US in 2017, 32 years after Norberto Oberburger’s last world podium. His passion for weights was born in school, thanks to a video that was shown during the hour of physical education and seen while preparing for youth games. Sports science student and speed lover, with a father who was a former rally driver. His Instagram profile has 36 thousand followers. Obviously, one of his hobbies is driving cars, also due to his father’s influences.

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lacos bullying – It all started with a letter sent by blue coach Sebastiano Corbo to the parents of the athletes who are at the college in Rome where Pezzolato trained. At the sports center in Acquacetosa, rumors regarding these athlete’s behaviors have been circulating for some time. Union leaders decided to stop. In the reasons for the first sentence, which on January 8 led to the suspension of Pizzolato for two months, the Federal Court speaks of Acts of ‘special risk’, ‘potential bullying’, and ‘intimidating, evading and threatening behaviors against young athletes, mostly minors’. The clues are “well detailed and reported by the athletes in a coherent manner to both the National Technical Director (Corbu, editor) and their parents”. Furthermore, the “concrete possibility” that the suspect, “in the exercise of his activity as an athlete, in contact with other athletes also in the course of permanent fellowship, would repeat such behaviour” was emphasized. Then the athlete admitted his responsibilities, and thus there was a 10-month disqualification which from a procedural point of view is equivalent to a plea bargain – says Federal President Antonio Urso -. On the athletic front, the lawsuit was closed.

from zero – Antonino, nicknamed a caterpillar after tattooing on his back, joins Matteo Zani in unexpected third place (67kg) and silver Georgia Pordenion (64kg). As for him then, this project facilitates the final indulgence compared to the obscure story of 2018, when Pizzolato was suspended for ten months due to bullying. Story now archived because Nino is a five-circle bronze who in less than 25 years has already had two jobs. His highly personal salvation is sought and reached in Tokyo 2020 where the color blue is the protagonist in an exciting race.

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last rise – The last 203kg lift was canceled by the referees Who expressed himself after the race “For me it was true, but I must abide by the judgments of others,” “We made it clear to China that we are close and that we are knocking on their door: next time … but we just missed him coming home with a different medal … I will feel the feelings of confronting him later ”. He then dedicates a dedication to ancestors who no longer exist: “Yes, this bronze is for them: Baldassar, Ninfa, Antonino and Antonita. I lost all four before Tokyo”.