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Who can get it and how


As we wrote earlier, one of the most relevant (and most discussed) news in Help Decree and the The so-called bonus of 200 eurosAnd Which consists of a one-time payment of 200 EUR For employees, the self-employed and retirees with entry up to 35000. An action aimed at interviewing Italians suffering from high bills and inflation.

In this regard, the first clarifications are beginning to arrive Who can order it and how?.

Who can get the €200 bonus?

reward Aimed at one individual And not for the whole family unit, and therefore determine who is entitled to measure or not Income is taken into consideration, not ISI. This basically means that if two people of the same family earn less than the maximum allowed (which comes to 35,000 euros), they will both be able to take advantage of the bonus.

TheHow is the €200 bonus paid?

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Some categories of workers will receive the bonus automatically, others will have to request it from INPS or the body responsible for the payment.

I remember it was a file One time measurementtherefore 200 euros It will only be paid once and not on a monthly or yearly basis.

Specifically, 200 euros will be credited to the account at Fully automatic method In the July to:

  • Workers employees straight in Salary;
  • to me retiredIn the Salary slip;
  • for those who see basic income On the Card;
  • to me unemployedIn the’Check.

In particular, for Tourism, leisure and sports professionalsSince the work refers to a specific period of time, 200 euros will be automatic only if the workers have them Receiving the compensation expected by the Covid credits.

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everyone Other CategoriesInstead, they will have to send a file Request to the issuer. This also applies to those with coordinated and ongoing cooperative relationships ( and entertainment workers registered with the Entertainment Workers Pension Fund, who in 2021 paid at least 50 daily contributions.

even from It works intermittently He will have to apply to INPS, but he must have Service for at least 50 days.

In calculating total income Excluding home, severance pay, family allowances, and one allowance for kids.


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