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Who are the lucky ones (and why)

Who are the lucky ones (and why)

Revenue agency speeds up payments. Cash on arrival for those who submitted their tax return by May 31.

We’ve talked about it many times: the pandemic has changed not only the state of society but the approach to dealing with it in strong growth, like digital.

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The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has already accelerated the process that has already begun and which, after all, responds to a dictate that has also been traced by the European Union and which certainly began more in the other partner countries of the old continent. Basically, even those I’m not used to technology They end up putting themselves on an equal footing, relying on the help of others or rapidly developing their skills in this regard. The institutions also decided to accelerate digital and technological services, and encourage access to electronic meters. Even the tax authorities have adapted, inviting taxpayers to consult with taxpayers on the Revenue Agency’s website to check for communications or notifications.

A real revolution has come with digital identity (especially Spid, but also Cie or Cns), which is becoming practically mandatory. In fact, the simplification of access to branches or obtaining documents has resulted in the limitation of queues to “physical” offices, Definitely convincing Various entities to invest in remote operations. Therefore, in the likely context of digitization, there is a need to adapt quickly. What is certain is that access simplification has definitely hit the mark. The Revenue Agency, for example, has improved proximity to citizens, both when it comes to ways to collect and to disburse refunds. or various non-repayable contributions due to the period of inflation.

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Revenue Agency, cash refunds to those who submitted this ad

Speaking of reimbursements and contributions, with the circular issued on June 20 (No. 21/e), the Revenue Agency established guidelines on protecting accounts and taxpayers. Strengthening counseling and prevention services, as well as increasing attention to avoidance, is part of the institution’s strategy in terms of proximity to the citizen, as well as from the public accounts. In fact, the AdE Create a video calling service To solve some problems without forcing taxpayers to go in person to their regional headquarters. And be careful, because the payment procedure is also different and faster. So much so that, according to what has emerged so far, the revenue agency You will be ready to pay in cashor by bank transfer, expected refunds for Forms 730. This is determined by the institution itself.

In the same post, AdE explained how Processing of payment procedures And non-reimbursable contributions are a priority, so as not to fall behind on practices and lighten the tax archive. Practically the same speech he gave with tax bills but in the opposite direction. In fact, the provision of instant liquidity, especially in the period of inflation, may be an important catalyst for the economic development of the country. Or, in this case, ramp uphill. Thus, those who submitted their tax returns by May 31 can receive the check or refund directly, even in cash. It is clear that the enterprise will prefer digital payment systems.

Not to mention that at the moment talks with the Ministry of Economy will be active for another acceleration, This time on the payment procedures of direct taxes. The goal, as with VAT, is to arrange payments on special accounts held in the name of AdE. In practice, the payments will go directly to the beneficiaries’ checking accounts.

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