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White Night, Closed Center: Models Head Down The Curtains In Front Of Vasco Rossi Fans - Chronicle

White Night, Closed Center: Models Head Down The Curtains In Front Of Vasco Rossi Fans – Chronicle

Trento. If the area south of Trento Now ready to welcome Russian Vasco In grandiose style, with the building in starting blocks amid innovative menus, settings and 24-hour shifts, downtown remains deeply divided. And during the boycott interest Google Maps Which I intervened quickly due to inconsistencies in the geolocation of walking routes, for example from viale Verona or viale Rovereto, for which twice the time is expected. The county asked Google to quickly fix the data.

However, merchants are not interested in geolocation and want to close. Yes, because the exhibitors indicated that the 120 thousand (if not more) people expected for the big event, would be concentrated mainly in the area Trentino Music Arena.

Thus, despite the “White Night” scheduled for the night between Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May, many shutters will be down at their normal scheduled business hours on daily management days. Or at least, that was the intention so far even if everything could still change, according to the development of the situation.

“At the moment we are in a state of ‘preparedness’ – he explained Irisa from TJ Bar. We don’t know yet how we will move for sure, but we are now oriented to a “normal” shutdown, and thus to our classic timeline. This is because there will be employees who will go to the concert, but also because the event will end after midnight, so at least two or three hours will pass before all the participants are back in town. The times will be long, but as we mentioned, we will evaluate them in the next few days.”

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On the same wavelength as well forcet, which does not include the major fluctuations on the main days of the event, as explained by the owner Francesca Annunziata: “Given that our streets are fortified and that it will be difficult to see many people in the city, we are considering closing the kitchen around 11 pm. Those who will be in the party will certainly arrive by 2 or 3 am too late for us as well because These people certainly have already eaten and drank in the venues closest to the event or in the various kiosks. For now this is our line, but we’ll see later if we keep it.”

In short, a few days before the big concert, it looks like “White Night” won’t affect the decisions of bar and restaurant managers, who are currently moving towards honoring their traditional schedules. also from “Bella Vita” in Via Oriola For example, it filters a position that is, after all, consistent with the others, also because the operators assure “Every Friday and Saturday is a white night for us, because we work almost all the time. Sure, we have ramped up requests to prepare if necessary, but if not “The crowds arrive, it won’t be a problem. We are expecting a lot of people but we don’t know how many will come because surely everyone will be concentrated in the south of Trento.”

also Marco Agostini, from Caffè Italia in a strategic point such as Piazza DuomoAt the moment he has not made a final decision yet: “It is clear that it is convenient to keep opening, I think there will be a lot of people in town. But I had the experience of Italy winning the European Football Championship and I must say I ended up in despair. If the same situation arises, shutdown will be the best solution, but on the other hand, we must also evaluate the number of employees we have available to manage the night shift. On the other hand, like I said, I’m sure they’ll all come to the center after the concert, so I’m still evaluating.”

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And also Marco AntonucciIn addition to Bar Fiorentina also runs a club in Ravenna, not lopsided: «There will be a lot of work but in the ‘cheetah spot’. In some areas we will work more and in others less, I think in Fiorentina there will be an attack the day before the concert, while in Ravenna we can intercept more people because of the parking. It will not be an easy task, but we will definitely be ready.”