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White House: Biden was clear that he wanted to see her disappear from the face of the earth

White House: Biden was clear that he wanted to see her disappear from the face of the earth

“I think the president made it clear yesterday that he wants to see them disappear from the face of the earth.” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki answered a question, saying that President Joe Biden’s commitment to eliminating those responsible for the Kabul massacre “will continue until it occurs.”

The US military has beefed up security as much as possible to protect the Kabul airport and its surroundings. “We need to coordinate with the Taliban, we don’t trust the Taliban, it’s not a matter of trust, but the reality on the ground is that the Taliban controls a large part of Afghanistan including the areas around the airport…there are no other options,” Psaki said. The US authorities “have no information” indicating a role, albeit negative, for the Taliban in the Kabul airport attack, and Psaki noted that “there was certainly a flaw in the security operations, there is no doubt about that.”

The day after the attack outside Kabul airport in which 13 American soldiers were killed, Joe Biden prepared the American reaction to signal that America “does not allow itself to be afraid of terrorists.” Ten days ago, he threatened that “every attack will face a swift and strong response” with “a devastating use of force if necessary.” The Taliban’s warning may target more, but since Thursday it has targeted those responsible for the massacre at the gates of the Afghan capital’s airport. “We will not forget, we will not forgive, we will chase you everywhere and make you pay,” he promised between anger and tears, as he spoke to the nation from the White House after the tragedy. The commander in chief ordered the Pentagon to develop offensive plans to target the leaders, assets and structures of ISIS, the Afghan branch of the Islamic State that claimed responsibility for the attack.

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The hypothesis under consideration is the use of drones and missiles against shelters of militia leaders, possibly on the porous border with Pakistan. And perhaps only after the withdrawal is completed on August 31, so that the safety of the evacuation is not compromised.

At the daily briefing, Pentagon spokesmen were very careful not to go into details of the future response and merely provided some updates, first of all specifying that only one Kamizaki had moved and that there was no second explosion near the Baron Hotel, but without giving details, not even About the shooting that followed. Investigations remain scattered and scattered. For the first time, they also acknowledged that security breaches by the Taliban may have allowed the attack, after Biden denied evidence of “collusion” between Islamist students and ISIS. Then the US defense confirmed that the US had the ability to continue the evacuations “until the last minute”, with another 12,500 people taken away in the past 24 hours, including more than 300 Americans. But before withdrawing, it will destroy part of its arsenal in Kabul to prevent it from falling into the hands of terrorists or, as has already happened, the Taliban: very expensive and dangerous towing vehicles and heavy equipment, such as helicopters and armored vehicles.

So the Pentagon asserted that “specific and credible threats remain imminent in Kabul” and that all efforts are focused on these threats, even if frustration persists at the prospect of an attack it was unable to avert. Meanwhile, the CIA is working to counter the medium and long-term threats that could stem from Afghan chaos, after the Taliban have shown they do not control the region. For this, according to the New York Times, it is negotiating new bases in Central Asian countries, and quantifying the number of clients who can manage sourcing in Afghanistan without the military and diplomatic coverage they have enjoyed over the course of 20 years. And imagine where it could launch operations and launch drones.

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